Why Vistem

Stop worrying about IT problems for good

Today, businesses are becoming characterized by their focus on strategic outsourcing of functions that do not fall within the scope of their core competencies and their management of the alliances necessary to accomplish these functions. Vistem fulfills these responsibilities by co-managing projects on and off site for such clients as well as total system responsibility over the entire infrastructure.

Who We Are

Vistem Solutions, Inc. offers integrated business solutions to help our clients solve complex problems with site specific solutions. This has led us to form two main service divisions, the first being our flagship product(s) of maritime dispatch systems which over the years have proven to not only be the core component in the day to day operations of the port complex but are also migrating to a cornerstone of the Port Complex Security Solution.

In our managed services division, Vistem Solutions, Inc. not only incorporates industry best practices, but also employees a mature and proven set of tools to help us provide reliable and adaptable systems that allow our customers to focus on their core competencies.

Over the years our flexible structure and dynamic portfolio of products and services has allowed us to target the important business issues that confront our clients, including security, regulatory compliance, audit and business continuity.

A Collaboration of Industry Leaders

Today's complex business challenges require deep knowledge and cutting-edge technology solutions. The leaders of the computing industry back Vistem Solutions, Inc. both financially and strategically. At Vistem Solutions, Inc., we partner with industry leaders, enabling us to rapidly deliver our world-class services.

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