Allocations© is a web-based Business-to-Business solution which allows member companies to securely place labor orders via the Internet 7x24, thus eliminating the tedious and time consuming need to manually telephone in orders with limited windows of opportunity. Allocations© enables web access for on-line ordering and reporting. Creating measurable and statistical information with advanced and current vessel arrival/departure/labor order information. Allocations© was designed to interface into existing business critical systems allowing a comprehensive business solution to meet your specific business critical requirements.


Check-In© is a paperless telephony-based solution which allows workers to remotely provide availability information and preferences for job assignment, for the dispatch process. Eliminating the physical task and paper process of each worker driving to a hall to sign-in on sign-in log sheets. Check-In© creates a paperless environment, capturing intelligent electronic data of workers availability, streamlines the process and increasing dispatch efficiencies.

Dispatch Hall Assistant (DHA)

Dispatch Hall Assistant (DHA©) was designed and developed with Maritime industry acceptance, having a primary objective of accelerating the dispatch process so longshoremen could get to their jobs sooner. DHA© assembles worker profiles and ships orders for the dispatch process. During the dispatch process DHA© applies your specific business rules to quickly and efficiently dispatch workers to the job site.

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