Disaster Response Services

Vistem service teams stand ready to help our customers recover should a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, or even a tsunami interrupt normal business operations and destroy locally stored data.

When a disaster happens and a business is taken off line, everything stops. Vistem realizes that time is money, and wants to ensure that our partners and their customers are supported as they move through recovery efforts by providing the services outlined below.

  • Enhanced communication – Vistem provides enhanced communication to all affected partners, keeping them updated on any changes as we proceed through recovery activities
  • Coordinated triage – Vistem tightly manages all activities and updates through a streamlined process
  • Expanded support hours – Vistem staff coordinates with impacted customers immediately following the event to identify extended hours needs and timeframes
  • Accelerated appliance replacement – Vistem works with customers to identify and accelerate customer needs for replacing damaged appliances

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