Application Development

Complete technology solutions

Vistem offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of specialized application software for the Maritime industry. Representing years of industry knowledge and experience, our systems are developed to meet the unique needs of the maritime union workers, shipping companies and administrative organizations.

Our software solutions enable the maritime industry to collect and utilize critical business information, conduct transactions, streamline business processes, leverage a variety of distribution channels, and develop and nurture client relationships. They're designed to help you improve your business, operate more cost effectively and respond quickly to market change.

Because of their open, modular architectures, Vistem's waterfront automation solutions can be implemented as separate functional components depending on your time scales and business requirements. They can be easily integrated with each other and with existing third-party or in-house systems, and customized to meet unique operational and regional needs.

Recognized as a leader in research and development for waterfront automation, we continually update our systems to take advantage of advanced, proven technologies. We also work with other best-of-breed suppliers to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers.

And, through collaborative development efforts with our global customer base, we continually improve our systems to meet the industry's evolving needs.

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