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Your trusted partner in Complete System Support and Development

Incorporated in 2000, Vistem Solutions, Inc. is a provider of comprehensive IT outsourcing services and solutions. We are employee owned, and specialize in utilizing premiere engineers and technicians to deliver cost effective, high quality IT solutions with efficient turnaround times.

Vistem is dedicated to achieving expedient, cost effective, added value solutions with highly skilled teams of highly trained and degreed professionals. Vistem provides a reliable external option to limited in-house human resources and frees valuable internal resources. Vistem has recognized that the IT driven economy demands the use of external talent that incorporates speed and flexibility.

In this new paradigm, companies must be more agile and learn to manage organizational structures that allow for fluid, external relationships, which are able to integrate with their needs. Vistem provides real-time project updates to its clients - a proven method for assuring that deliverables are on target and on time. This is accomplished in part by providing dedicated services of Project Managers with strong technical competencies, excellent communication skills and the mandate to act as gatekeepers for clients - coordinating project activities with off-site teams and NOC Resources. Vistem takes responsibility for overall control of each assignment assuring it is on time and on budget.

Vistem’s management includes founders who began capitalizing on their professional and cultural relationships as well as extensive IT background in 1999 to fill a growing demand in the marketplace for highly skilled and cost effective IT professionals. Initial assignments involved a variety of business sectors, showcasing the multi-task capabilities of Vistem’s IT resources. Using a modular approach that has been designed to assure integration of different technologies and methodologies through the creation of close alliances, two of the founders have been able to consistently exceed expectations for assignments in terms of quality, time and cost.
One of Vistem’s first high profile projects was the automation of the Longshore Halls in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Competing against major industry players such as IBM, Vistem was able to provide the only fully functioning system which has successfully dispatched workers for over 12 years without failure. A number of the initial projects spawned additional and larger assignments such as the C-17 Shop Floor Automation for Boeing and the US Air Force. Vistem is utilizing this experience to enhance its reputation as a leader in the growing IT marketplace as it promotes its own services aggressively.

Vistem cultivates the effective delivery of engineering solutions through insight, foresight and collaboration and strives to provide the IT “levers to move the world” by exacting intelligent engineering solutions that create a unique efficiency for clients by arranging alternate resources. Vistem provides unparalleled service and products in multiple disciplines and delivers timely results that can generally be implemented more quickly than by using traditional methodology. Vistem proactively creates modules designed to be flexible for anticipated growth while it implements collaborative initiatives and processes that reduce cycle time and increase profitability. Vistem provides a unique synthesis of project management and technical talent that works on fixed term projects, time and materials basis or provides dedicated teams depending upon the nature and scope of each assignment.

Our people strategies address our philosophy and approach to managing the most value asset in our organization. Vistem genuinely cares about the health, wealth, families and happiness of our team members.

  • Practice the inverted pyramid, being professionally managed and driven by our customer’s needs.
  • Recruit only top professionals that bring value to our team.
  • Tie our personal career goals with the financial goals of Vistem to insure complete success

At the core of Vistem Solutions, Inc. success is our people and we understand their value, however we take this philosophy further, understanding that the value of a company’s intellectual worker extends to our customer’s business. With this in mind we are not satisfied providing only standard system support but strive to provide full site specific support to help our clients leverage their best asset – their people.We do this in the role of a “trusted partner” and constantly help our customers improve their core business and efficiencies through their technology investment. In other words we help our customers invest in their business, not just invest in technology.
Our values dictate how we will behave as a professional organization. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our relationship with the marketplace, with our clients and with each other.

Excellence orientated with client focus is our overarching value. We will continually strive to gain a clear understanding of our client’s strategy, culture and needs. Once there is a mutual understanding, we will take every step possible to meet or exceed our planned results. By living this value we will create the long term relationships with our clients that are critical to our success.

Our goal is to be a preeminent 21st Century Information Management Consulting and Service Provider organization. We will accomplish this by being the best at all we do, and emphasizing a professional approach to meeting our client’s specific needs.

We seek to be #1 in every service we provide.

“We fulfill our mission through our commitment to our customers and to ourselves.”

Provide “Customer Focused Solutions” by working with our customers as a trusted partner, help leverage technology to meet their strategic business objectives and achieve lasting success.To demonstrate leadership as a solution provider by providing information management services which measurably enhance our customer’s performance and profitability.

We will fulfill our mission through our commitment to:

  • Providing service excellence that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
  • Achieving results through solutions that provide long term value.
  • Providing leading edge knowledge and tools, based on applied research, to enhance our customer’s performance.
  • Developing and maintaining client relationships based on trust, honesty and a mutual sharing of ideas and interests.
  • Building long term relationships with people – both our clients and fellow team members.

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